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Copyright: ShootingCards.co.uk - 2015 - All Rights Reserved It’s Ratting Time!

With the annual harvest now almost ended. The nation’s grain stores are full to bursting. And with the cooler autumn weather now with us, the countryside rat population will be soon on the move from outdoors to more sheltered indoor accommodation. What better time for air gunners and rat catchers with ratting terriers to make their introductions!

The Red Top newspapers have been full this year of stories about “Monster Rats” sweeping across the nation. And so demand for those offering a no poison rat control service will be high.

We’ve introduced three new dedicated rat control card designs to help you with your introductions.

We’ve been helping shooters to help landowners control their vermin problems since 2002. From moles to pigeons and from rabbits to wild boar. Our cards have helped hundreds of shooters obtain land to shoot. They create trust by showing you are available when called to provide a much needed service. And the cards themselves are the best quality cards you can buy. Totally encapsulated between two sheets of clear plastic for a long pocket or wallet life. You can rely on our cards to be constantly working for you for a very long time.

For regular visitors to the site you will no doubt notice that we’ve made some big changes! We’ve changed the software we use to build the website which means updates are easier and far quicker than with the old software. Also the PayPal checkout system has been updated so that the redirect at checkout works the way it should. We will also be adding more card subjects and designs over the coming months along with new site features to be announced in the New Year.

We’ve made some big changes