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Being a shooter myself. I know how hard it can be acquiring new land to shoot. If you live in a heavily populated area it can be doubly hard to get that all important permission to shoot.

But there is a way you can vastly increase your chances of a positive outcome!


Good presentation can often be the difference between a “Yes” and a “No”. You have to earn the landowners trust. And you’ll not do that if you give out the wrong first impression.

Our shooting cards are designed to impress. They convey to the landowner that your a responsible  person who takes your sport seriously and professionally. Your cards will portray you as a dependable person that can be trusted on their land and to offer a good service.

Crop protection more important than ever!

It’s been a horrible year to be a farmer! The national wheat and potato crop has been hammered by the rain sodden summer. Fruit producers have been hit hard too. The cold, wet spring has caused havoc with the apple crop for example. Wood pigeon have taken full advantage of rain laid crops this year. And most pair’s have successfully reared two clutches this summer. With another mild winter in the offing, young bird survival rates are set to be very high again this winter. It’s more important than ever that we “get out there” this coming winter and try to keep some control on pigeon numbers before the spring planting.

First impressions count!

Air gunners now catered for!

Air gunners can now also take advantage of our cards. We’ve added card designs for the species most air gunners target i.e. ferel pigeons, rats and of course rabbits. Ferel pigeons are a farmyard and barn menace to many farmers. Causing roof damage and also eating and tainting valuable grain in grain stores. Rats are most everyone’s nightmare but because of livestock and pet considerations it isn’t always possible to use poison or traps. Offering to cull farmyard pigeons and rats is a niche domain for air gunners to fill.

Can I shoot your pigeons, mate?


Get off my land

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